We are leather chemical and leather Dye Company based in Ahmedabad which is the world’s dye manufacturing hub.We have established ourselves as a market leader in leather chemical industry since its inception.  Our product portfolio includes leather dyes, leather chemical and fur dyes. Strong research and development l3an and thin business process and instantaneous customer service philosophy made us as an undisputable leader in leather chemical industry. Our core strength lies in dye formulation. Our highly sophisticated laboratory is equipped with most modern chemical testing instruments and operated by team of expert chemist. Our business process is designed such a way that every order get executed with in two days. Our efficient supply chain process ensures that material reach in time to our most valued customer.Our quality standard is at per ISO and our business process is certified by TUV Germany.


Chika Ltd has started its operation in 1951 by the founder chairman and initial partner of Bayer in India, Mr. B. M. Ghia in Bombay. Since then it has established itself in the world as a most desired partner in chemical sourcing. It has been serving chemical industry for all major brands across all the industry. In 2003 its leather chemical division has evolved itself as Chika Overseas Pvt. Ltd and since then it is the market leader in leather dye industry.

Product and Service

We are focused on Leather Dyes like Acid Dyes, Direct Dyes, and Metal Complex Dyes and Basic Dyes. Fur and wool dyes. Leather Chemical; like sulphone base syntan, dicyandiamide base syantan, replacement syntan, dispersing syntan, neutralizing syntan, emulsifier and dye leveling agent.

Quality policy

Chika Overseas Pvt Ltd. is continuously striving to exceed customer expectation in product quality and service to be an undisputable leader in the international market. The continuous improvement process ensured for achievement of company objective to sustain the leadership.


Quality Standard

We are certified by TUV NORD for ISO 9001 -2008 for all our business process and quality systems.


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