Demand for natural look in the finished leather is increasing rapidly. Most of the tanners are switching over to natural look finish, where use of oils and waxes are very high and common. These types of finishing systems not only hide or camouflage leather defects but produce leathers with excellent natural look and shine. In the production of these types of leather, usage of dyes is also very high as the grain surface of the leather must own excellent dyeing effect. On an average, in the case of black dyes 5% to 6% dyes are used (with or with out basic dye), while for colours 4% to 5% is the dye percentage based on shaved weight. These types of leathers are normally light to heavily snuffed prior to the finishing or even sometimes crusts are first prepared, then snuffed followed by dyeing with 8% to 10% dyestuff


In the case of leather with crevices, mechanical action and chemical treatment given to the dyed leather or to the wet blue is very harsh..


We have extensively studied the present scenario of  leather finishing techniques to understand behavior of dyes towards the finishing chemicals used and the mechanical operations followed to achieve specific looks.Oils and waxes are nothing but non-polar solvents. The phenomenon of migration of the isomers formed during the synthesis of dyes into finish layer to form bronzing like bluish white patches or in certain cases migration of yellow coloration into the lining material, is due to the dissolution of certain isomers in polar and nonpolar solvents i.e.waxes, oils and finishing chemicals with very high alkaline pH


We as a dyestuff supplier are taking every possible precautionary measure to ensure excellent quality of our product. We hereby, request all the tanners and leather technicians to strictly confirm suitability of our dyes in certain finishing systems prior to their application. Tanner must confirm behavior of the dyes towards the finishing chemicals. When any particular finishing chemicals is used in excess to achieve specific property, behavior of our dyes must be confirmed by the tanner on smaller leather (dyed with only our dyes) prior to its usage on bulk of the leather. Please confirm these technical aspects about our dyes with us prior to their usage in certain special finishing and wet and operating systems.



The information provided in our shade card and the technical advice whether verbal, in writing or by way of trials is given in good faith but without guarantee. Our advice does not release you from the obligation to heck its validity and to test our products as to their suitability for the intended processes and uses. The application, use and processing of our products and the products manufactured by you on the basis of our technical advice are beyond our control and therefore, entirely your responsibility.