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                   Welcome to Chika Overseas Pvt. Ltd.

      Tanners Choose CHIKA ! because.......
                            Quality standard & consistency

                                                                      Most competitive price
                                                          On time delivery .....

CHIKA Overseas Pvt. Ltd is Leather Chemical and Leather Dye Company based in world’s Dye manufacturing hub, Ahmadabad.Quality Standard is as per ISO 9001-2008 standard and it is certified by TUV Germany. CHIKA is the market leader in more than 20 Countries and serving leather industry for more than 60 years. Our product portfolio includes Leather Dyes, Leather Chemical and Fur Dyes. Strong research and development, lean and thin business process and instantaneous customer service philosophy made us as an undisputable leader in leather chemical industry.Our core competency lies in Dye formulation, Quality consistency in batches and minimum delivery time. Our high value assets are highly sophisticated laboratory and expert team of chemist and leather technologist.